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Purge Your Soul is a book that explores the mental and physical effects of lying and therefor the need for confession. The book draws inspiration from the Catholic Church and their connection with confession, and uses found articles to prove that honesty really is the best policy.

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A fictional rebrand of the Abbotsford Convent identity, which adopts a three colour identity that pays tribute to the creativity found at the Convent, but also represents and defines the three major historical ownerships of the land—The Wurrundjeri people, the Convent era, and the current modern creative era. 

This distinct colour scheme is also used as a visual code in the signage system to help guide visitors through the convent and navigate the different historical sights at ease. 

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A promotional poster series and video created for an event by Globelight held at Abbotsford Convent. The identity adaptation carries through the design elements from the main identity, yet allows for a unique aesthetic to come through that represents Globelight.

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An archive devoted to the diversity and expressiveness of dreams. There are six overarching genres that the dreams fall into, each being dedicated a unique colour. The 64 dreams within the publication are typeset in a way to reflect their uniqueness. 

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A diverse collection of archival material that displays Dorval Tankships past and present. The publication is divided into six sections that signify major events and aspects of the company.

The colours, material choices and binding of the publication reflect Dorval Tankship’s Melbourne office interior that has a strong 1960’s aesthetic.

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The Melbourne Cinémathèque is a not-for-profit, volunteer-run film society. An A1 program, an A2 poster series and an animated poster were designed as an application for the 2018 Melbourne Cinémathèque identity. This design was chosen to be the official identity of the 2018 Melbourne Cinémathèque. The design is dynamic as it allows for adaptations across various media and applications, with the illustrations being based on silhouettes from specific genres of film.